Freaky iPhone application can help users discover Facebook profiles of strangers – Why not go for iOS app development

Freaky iPhone application can help users discover Facebook profiles of strangers – Why not go for iOS app development

It’s since been uncovered that Facezam is just a fabrication — or an exposure stunt maybe — composed by a promotion organization/ad agency.

In an improvement that may read like something straight out of a Black Mirror scene, an upcoming iOS application called Facezam will allow the user’s to take photographs of strangers in the city (on the street) and in this manner find said stranger’s Fb profile.

Named the “Shazam for faces,” the organization brags that its innovation/technology can take a given photograph and look at it over a database of billions of profiles in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination.

According to the company’s site, the application portrayal peruses to a limited extent: “So that lovely young lady you see on the train each day? Take her photograph, Facezam it and you can discover her in a matter of seconds. The rest is dependent upon you.”


A preview of the application’s interface can be seen beneath.



To call this application dreadful would unquestionably be putting it mildly. However, as Facezam battles to turn it, the gradual destruction of user privacy/security isn’t really something worth grieving.

“Facezam could be the end of our mysterious social orders,” Facezam organizer/founder Jack Kenyon said in a meeting with The Telegraph. “Clients will have the capacity to recognize anybody inside a matter of seconds, which implies security will no longer exist in public society.” Kenyon even went so far as to include that the innovation/technology may even help diminish wrongdoing.

With respect to how the application works out in the wild, Facezam claims that its innovation has a 70% achievement/success rate while coordinating an individual’s photograph to their Facebook profile.

“Facezam filters billions of Facebook profile pictures in a moment,” The Telegraph includes, “which it accesses through a database for software engineers (mobile app developers) until it finds a match. It claims to hold the capability to connect most photographs with a profile on the interpersonal organization within 10 seconds.”

While the application is set to go live in a day or two from now, don’t be astonished if there is a deferral. Truth be told, I’d be surprised if this application, in its present frame, ever observes the light of day on the App Store.

Regardless of the possibility that we set our doubt aside and expect that Apple will acknowledge the application with open arms, Facezam is as of now experiencing some resistance from Facebook because its innovation is inconsistent with the social network’s terms-of-use in regards to the utilization of automated advances which dig Facebook for user information.

All things considered, there’s something firmly fishy about Facezam, with some notwithstanding going so far as to claim that it’s all piece of some detailed deception.

In a case, in a near future, it gets acknowledged by the users and accepted in the technology marketplace – then it has its revolutionary era that changes the ‘terms-of-use’ guidelines.

If it remains to be a big hit after its launch then it open up new opportunities for the business visionaries to make it as their source of earning as well as profitable app development opportunity for mobile app development company (s).

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